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A unique event needs unique sponsors...

We all have things we are passionate about, causes we support, and things that drive our inner philanthropy. Elkhart is fortunate to have several large and established not for profit agencies that serve the residents of the city in varied and honorable ways. We are also creatures of habit, and sometimes it is hard to see new areas to help the community when we are in the habit of giving donations and assisting with the events of the more established organizations. South Side Inc. admires the work of these groups, but we are very proud of the work we do as well. If you have contributed as a corporate sponsor to any not for profit group, we would like the chance for you to consider donating to us as well-we think you will like how your dollar is spent. 

We have zero payroll, and no facility maintenance. Our operational expenses for websites, print materials, athletic equipment, and more is 100% funded by generous donations from the community, our board of directors, and monies raised during our Family Fun Fest. 100% of every dollar you donate goes directly towards community recipients through our programs-No one runs leaner than we do. Through the four years we have been impacting our community, we have entertained thousands each year at festivals, fed and clothed thousands during our Feed our Friends holiday mean and coat drive, have given new opportunities to scores of kids through Ballers to Scholars, and have taken dozens of kids to incredible college tours and even funded a community theater. South Side Inc. is driven by the sweat and generosity of people who want to make this a better place to live for our children. If you want to maximize your philanthropic dollar like never before, this is the place. 

Please schedule a meeting with an executive of our board of directors by calling Nancy VanWormer at 574-606-6480 and we will tell you exactly what we can do with the amount you are able to donate. All donations are tax deductible. 

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