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The Most Innovative AAU team in Elkhart

  • Better Communities Through Service

  • Brighter Students Through Tutoring

  • Free AAU Travel League Play 

The number one team in our city is our community. Each of us has our own strength, and when we find harmony, Elkhart remains a champion.


Ballers to Scholars students get top training from our expert coaches and travel to tournaments across the country, getting exposure to the nation's top schools. What does it cost them? They have to participate in community service projects and recieve tutoring. That's it. 

Our students bring the drive, and the community brings the opportunity. Critical to the success of this unique program are involved parents, volunteer coaches, and generous cash and in-kind contributions by residents who want to create opportunity for children where it doesn't exist. In our third successful year of gathering championships and positively affecting our city's youth, Ballers to Scholars continues to be grateful for all that this community does to help us help the kids. 


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